Isaac Shaha

I wanted to be able to sing properly. I’ve always had trouble projecting my voice. Before the course there were a lot of sounds I couldn’t make, a lot of notes I couldn’t hit.

I learnt different ways to use my voice and it’s actually changing the way I sing. I had no idea how much technique was involved. And now my voice feels great, there’s not much I can’t sing.

Victoria Nguyen

One of the breakthroughs I experienced after the training is it isn’t only for singing but also for speaking. My voice is clearer and warmer with full breath support. I’m excited to continue and looking forward to the fantastic outcomes.

Jeanette Milde

I started the course to be more comfortable with my voice and reach higher notes without fear.

Lydia is the nicest coach to work with. She gives you feedback on your voice and helps you improve a lot. She replies with in-detail answers and you can tell she cares. The videos are also really easy to follow along and they’re fun as well!